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Your partner seems to be going through a rough patch due to Mars' position in the sky, as he is a planet that controls mood swings, both yours and of your partner.

The difference of opinions will be constant, but remember that it is always best to compromise and find a solution sooner rather than later.

Can you agree? The stars find it difficult to help you, as you are quite stubborn. Isn't it easier to let things go? That way you can move on.

Being single is spectacular, especially because you get to experience new romances as often as you want. Enjoy your life.



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The stars of Magic Horoscope have some advice for you that may even seem like an order, my dear Cancer. Be a nice person to others, treat them fairly as you would like them to treat you. Don't boss people around for no reason.

Mercury is turning you into a tyrant without you even noticing it. Others are pulling further away from you, as you strike evil.

It is time to change. Think about others and how you are making them feel. They aren't your servant so stop treating them like one. If you treat them fairly, they will begin to trust you again, making your work environment much better. If not, they will go against your back and work elsewhere, leaving you behind.

You seem to be a bit forgetful when it comes to money. Today is one of those days when you lose money that you have just withdrawn. Focus!



There is not one problem with your health, my dear Cancer. Today will be calm, without any risks whatsoever, as the stars won't try to hurt you. You seem to have a great physique!

If not, the time has come to work out. Book an appointment to your local physiotherapist so that you can recuperate from your injuries and start doing exercise. You have no excuse not to! You know that your body is asking you to move more.

You are capable to react quickly, as you know when something is wrong. However, don't worry as there won't be any problems coming your way.