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In principle your love will be stable, sticking to the routine. You will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself, your solitude, even if it is almost obligatory.

If you're single, the truth is that there will not be many people interested in approaching you with loving intentions, and it's a pity, because you will see more than one and two that you would find interesting.

For those in a relationship, silences will prevail on this Saturday, but they will not be a sign that there is something dark and rotten. Simply that the stars do not promote communication.

Within your family, democracy will be the most appropriate method for solving certain problems that will come to light today.

If necessary, vote on the options so that what concerns you has a resolution as satisfactory as possible, such as whether or not you have to sell a home to pay debts.


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Although in the sphere of love you are on a discreet plane, Cancer, you will be quite seductive in the business sphere.

You will be able to sell ice bags at the North Pole if you so wish, because your commercial gift will be exquisite.

So if you're involved in a profession related to direct sales on commission (a medical visitor, a supermarket cashier, a supervisor or a store manager with set goals), go for it!

At the end of the month, your paycheck may have a higher figure than you initially expected, and the best thing is that this month has fewer days and you will receive that amount sooner.


Are you a person who spends a lot of time sitting, either because you work in an office or similar, or because your life is quite sedentary?

If the answer is yes, you should know that a lack of physical activity causes us to age prematurely, to grow older earlier.

Therefore, you should consider some simple exercise routines.

How about during your work break, instead of going out for a cup of coffee, you do a bit of cycling, for example? Your heart will end up thanking you, and you'll also wear beautiful calf muscles!