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You can breathe calmly if you are a Cancer because during this day the planets will leave you alone, at least a little, and thus help you feel better about yourself.

And this is great, because you will drag in that benefit to your partner, who will be less critical, and together hand in hand you can vary the pleasures you can achieve between the sheets, in your moments of intimacy.

It is also interesting that you begin to raise leisure activities with your partner, in which you interact more with your family, or with those friends whom you see little.

With such an astral climate it is not necessary to give many explanations about the great moments in front of those who are single, even those who are shy.

And you will learn to break your inhibitions, those that sometimes even extinguish the fire of your desire, and increase the complexes that stopped you from opening doors and windows.


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With regard to your finances, the Magic Horoscope enables you to manage your budget with great seriousness and rigor.

Of course, for this to happen, you must first make the budget and leave nothing to improvisation, not even the shopping list (because you'll end up buying items you didn't need, won't you?).

This doesn't mean that if circumstances require it, you have to tighten your belt, but it won't be a problem for you.

In the professional field there are certain risks to make tactical mistakes, so be cautious.


Your flexibility is diminished today according to the stars, and thus, your fibers will not be able to stretch as your body requires on this Wednesday.

This will invite you to consider a series of routine exercises to improve that ability, and you can do in your own home.

For example, you can lie on your stomach, flex your foot and grasp it with your hand on the same side, pulling without your thigh lifting off the floor.

When it comes to eating, collagen will help flexibility, and you can find it in foods as varied as beets, strawberries, onions or soy drinks.