Cancer Daily Horoscope for March 9

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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Solitude wants to be your friend during this day, in which you will be quite tired of the world, your partner, your family and everything around you.

Maybe because it's a weekend, because it's a Saturday, should you take out the box of fireworks to shoot it at the top of the sky and entertain everyone?

Besides, taking the time to be alone is a source of satisfaction. The individual moves away from what is happening in the world, and into his or her own life, which promotes a certain quality of introspection.

Don't get overwhelmed or feel weird for wanting a plot of solitude, because finding yourself promotes knowledge of your own emotions, even those we prefer not to hear.

You will see that everything is going well, you will end up dominating yourself and your personality and that later will allow you to accept things as they come, with a more open mind.


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You will probably encounter big problems in the field of money, because you will not know how to respond to your needs in a priority way.

Fortunately, some planet like Jupiter will be there to give you some support and show you the way you should go.

By controlling emotions, you will quickly find your security of judgment, the mental clarity that will allow you to do much with few resources.

Besides, you will be optimistic, you will not insist on your worries or think that things will solve themselves; you will know how to give them the importance they deserve.


Have you ever thought about how small and seemingly insignificant gestures could improve your health?

Think that being active doesn't have to be synonymous with killing yourself to do cardio exercises in the gym; it can also be defined as avoiding daily ease.

So when you have to use a bathroom while you're at work, for example, pick the ones on the top floor and take them down the stairs, discarding the ones next to your office.

And the same when you go out for coffee; always opt for the path that asks you to walk as much as possible.