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The Moon will have a very relevant influence on native Cancers in relationships, no matter if you're married or not. The situation will be hard to handle and you'll have to let your guard down and give in a little if you want to still be in love by the end of the day.

The Magic Horoscope will push you to make radical choices, and you'll have to place your bets on double or nothing. Some of you will seriously consider ending it all, and actually spelling out the possibility of separation.

If you're single, try to make yourself be heard. Present your most intellectual side, and learn to read flirting as a game.


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You feel like your head's boiling with ideas, and you're truly at the best time to receive a stock of new projects.

What's going on? You don't have all the skills you need at hand. You need some guidance, but make it quality. Don't hesitate to ask the right people, and you'll know how to convince them to work with you. Your communication will flow smoothly, Cancer.

Some requirements to start up your own business are truly tiresome. Be careful and don't think that it's all fun and games, or your excitement will fly away like a bluebird.

Watch your manners if you're dealing with people who are less powerful than you: it's very easy to slip into arrogance or despise.

Control your cash, but don't go too far with the credit card either.


Because of Mars' influence on your skies, everything will be where it should, although your natural tendency will be to waste your energy on meaningless tasks.

If you're back to the gym and want to reach specific physical goals, make sure you let your trainer know very clearly. The exercise you have to do to lose weight won't be the same as the one for, say, get muscle mass.

If you manage to fight most excess your day will be pretty good, but you'll have a hard time when trying to resist a nice glass of wine, or some fancy cold meats with an even better flavour. Can you defeat temptation?