Cancer Forecast for Sunday 29th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Sunday
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You take the car ready to go to a new land that someone has spoken to you about and that has a great beauty. You load your luggage, and when you are travelling you realize that the land is stony.

You slow down to go safer, and you regret to have decided; nobody told you that the road was in such bad condition.

Once you arrive at your destination you verify that everything suffered has been worthwhile. That the bumpy ride has even been amusing.

Love is the same as that place. Something bucolic, distant and unattainable for which you have to walk through tortuous areas. But when you arrive, everything you have suffered will be worth it.

And it doesn't matter if they tell you that the path is beautiful, difficult or dark, because you decide the circumstances of your trip. Although it's up tp you to know how to dodge the potholes, protect yourself from the sun or accelerate more and that the bad is left soon behind.


The week comes to an end, and also the month. That's great, isn't it, Cancer? You need April to end, and to begin a new cycle.

Now, if you don't want it to be a struggle every month, you have to plan your economy in another way.

And above all, stop spending money on nonsense that you don't need. Why do you get so nervous when you see a product on sale?

The world isn't going to end if you leave the item in the shop, you know that, but your nervousness is too much for you. Educate your pocket better: the stars of the Magic Horoscope tell you.


This journey will be essential in the development of the good health of a close family member.

Someone is going to want to count on you to help them with a medical issue: a trip to the hospital, help them get treatment...

Maybe it's not a good time for that request, because you had established other plans, but you should postpone everything.

Take advantage that it's Sunday also to make a good walk outdoors, and if it's in green area, better than good.