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From your earliest childhood you believed that love that lasts forever existed, which is something that we all believe at some point.

And yet, now you're immersed in a relationship crisis that you don't want to talk about for fear of spoiling everything even more.

Don't you think it's an advantage that now you can have a relationship crisis and end up splitting up, and not having to put up with the other person for the rest of your life because society stipulates it, as it happened many years ago?

It's not that people are unhappier now than before. It's that now we all have more capacity for decision, including you. So make a move and do this Sunday what you think is necessary.

Because soon you will be very happy again if you allow yourself, Cancer.


During the week that you start now, you should consider some points that make you a better professional, and above all, that allow you to be more productive (and that, therefore, translates into benefits for your pocket).

You have to change the excessive desires of recognition that have been intoxicating you in the last days.

You have to trust more in your own decisions and value the impact they have for yourself, not because you receive stimuli from outside that tell you that this is the way.


Your hair isn't in the most optimal state, right, Cancer?

You should start taking care of it more, for example, not combing it so much so that you don't lose more hair than necessary, and introduce more protein and iron in your diet so that it grows strong.

And when it starts to be healthier, learn to take care of it a little, for example, avoiding the use of the dryer when you don't really need it.

A good hair care is at your fingertips, and you can carry it out by drying it with a soft towel after the shower, and even with an old T-shirt, one of those that you already keep for pajamas!

Its texture is softer and won't damage the hair so much, hence it's old.