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Cancer Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Wednesday 11th July by Magic Horoscope

Your complete Forecast for Today, Wednesday
Cancer Daily Horoscope |



In the past you have been a more imaginative lover than you are today. In fact, while before you were fascinated to innovate, now even the changes seem to bother you.

You have to open your mind, and try harder to satisfy your partner, although sometimes you don't even want to.

In love, you're listening very well to your partner, you are very sensitive to moods and your intuition guides you to perfection.

Soon you will notice that you will need a time of reflection, and so that after you have a clearer mind, begin to appreciate the comfort that your partner offers you.


You're being a bit naughty at work, Cancer, and surprisingly that suits you!

Take advantage of your assets to shine, and find opportunities where others would see problems and crisis situations.

Your self-confidence can cause antipathies, count on it, especially in people of Scorpio or Sagittarius sign, who see you as a competition instead of as an ally.

To earn a little extra money, you could consider doing some activity from your own home, such as writing product reviews, conducting surveys through the Internet and many other work options that allow you to carry out new technologies.


Advertising and magazines bring new foods to your eyes that you haven't considered trying until now.

And surprisingly, they all seem to have magical properties, and you know? There's nothing new under the sun, the same properties you have in the usual foods of any shopping basket.

Mind you, the Magic Horoscope recommends that you increase your consumption of lecithin, to protect your skin cells, something you can find in soy, cauliflower, oranges or tomatoes, to name a few examples.

If you plan to go to the beach, be careful with the bites of certain aquatic animals such as jellyfish. Do you know that there are creams that repel these gelatinous bodies, that leaves us a very annoying sting when they touch our skin?