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Cancer Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 14th July

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You will start the day smiling and happy, but as the day goes by you will be aware of facts that you won't like.

Information that concerns your heart, your way of understanding love and that clashes radically with your most basic principles.

Do what Venus, goddess of love, dictates you to do, because it will take you through the best of ways, and she will give you the wisdom and strength you need.

Don't suffer in advance either; don't precipitate events, because it isn't necessary.


During the morning there is a great chance of receiving a very interesting phone call.

Someone who has power in the sector you work for will want you to advise on a certain issue, something you can do without much trouble.

The stars recommend that you sow all you can, because then the harvest will be very juicy. It won't happen in a short space of time, but it will come.

Thanks to this, your competitive spirit will multiply by ten, but you have to make sure that you can accurately assess the strength of your most direct competitors.

Today it won't be necessary for you to worry excessively for making money, but be clear that there won't be a miracle and that your bank account won't be filled with zeros by magic.


Don't look for certain health benefits through promises that they are going to make (and that you are sure they can't be fulfilled).

You are old enough to believe in magic potions that will free you from all your ills instantaneously, right?

Don't neglect your health agenda, check if you have an appointment soon, and in the case that you have forgotten some, ask for an appointment with the doctor again to analyze your case.

Many times, as you know, you complain almost for pleasure, and this causes you to ask for more medical consultations than you would really need; because as the popular saying goes, sometimes the calmer waters are also the deepest ones.