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If your heart is free and without owner, Cancer, this Wednesday the stars tell you to bring your best image out, because you will have a conquest around the corner.

Someone close, possibly a sign of Fire, will propose that you have a blind date with a person from your job.

Don't be shy, because there is nothing to lose. Take it as a challenge, as an adventure that can have interesting results.

The person you're going to meet physically may not be interesting for you; as it is said, they won't be your type.

Beyond the appearance, you will find a person very similar to you, with similar tastes and also complementary, and with which the magic could shine if you propitiate a spark to arise so it lights everything.


Stop considering yourself a person who isn't ambitious, because you should be it a little. A lot, really.

This Wednesday you must have a greater ambition to improve things in your life, but from a positive and optimistic perspective, from the gratitude towards what you already have.

And if there is something in your job that makes you unhappy, ask yourself the following question: what would happen if you eliminated it from your life?

Everything you do today should be focused on developing actions and attitudes that fit with your philosophy of life, with your way of seeing things.

Be clear that today you won't have everything under control, so if you have to carry out a negotiation maybe things aren't on your side. Don't let them trick you, and do things with great intelligence.



Energy pushes you to lead a pace of life very different from what society marks.

You're at a time when you don't understand the meaning of norms and traditions, and you ask yourself why you have to follow all the parameters that someone has marked for you.

Guide yourself by your own experience, by what works and makes you feel safe, Cancer. Those things that make you be and stable and that are part of your essence.