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Cancer Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th June

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Why are you afraid to say your feelings out loud, to transmit what goes through your heart?

Cancer, leave that damned shell you're wearing, because someone has already pierced it, and you refuse to admit it.

If you don't remedy it soon, you will lose that being you love so much in silence, who you see often and who you have a relationship with that you don't want to label in any way.

Put all on the table, without fear that others think you're crazy; greater delirium is that you deny what everyone, except you, sees when you are together.

In fact, then you demand people to be authentic, that they don't have two distinct edges, and you are the first to unfold their emotions.


You don't have money problems, but laziness goes over you when you have to manage different purchases.

This Tuesday you will live a disagreement within your work circle because you had been assigned to buy some supplies, and you haven't done it as you should.

Leave the excuses aside, for example, that you have done everything that was in your hand, because you know it isn't true.

Blame someone else, say that you didn't have that responsibility, but your lack of word will continue days in the air, and that isn't good for you.

Don't repeat this, because in the end it could affect your payroll, or in a series of benefits that you have acquired.


Do you notice problems on your tongue, as if it were full of small wounds?

It's possible that after a placid weekend in which you have eaten or drunk too much, your defenses are at a low moment.

Take care of your diet, taking generous portions of vegetables, and also dairy products.

Check your eyesight, which may be the agent causing small dizziness that you sometimes notice. Diopters can vary, and most likely they aren't in the values you believe.

Also, if you wear glasses, don't leave them at home, use them.