Cancer Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 5th April

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You have experienced a deep disappointment in love, and in part, it was your fault, to pretend that things were solved by the intervention of a fairy godmother, without you having to dirty your hands to work on the salvation of the couple.

This has made you become a cold person sometimes, and someone who doesn't accept the arrival of new people in your life, willing to conquer your heart.

You know very well that you will never be able to solve a problem that you deny, and that in fact you don't understand. You must recognize the existence of a trust problem, and put yourself to work.

For you the easiest thing is to blame who your partner was, but you have to look further, Cancer. You have to work in the confidence in your own person to be able to grow inwardly.


Why are you still in your current job, Cancer?

If your primary answer is to earn money and be able to survive, maybe it's time for you to consider a change of scenery and start moving your curriculum in new companies.

Paying bills and filling the shopping cart shouldn't be your only motivations. To have a full life you have to try to fulfill yourself as a person, achieve the dreams that you had in your earliest childhood, and with a little ambition, enjoy the recognition of your colleagues.

Above all, get moving within the labor market if your company doesn't take care of you as they should, and you know that you have a job today, but they don't assure you if next month you will continue there, getting paid the same.


Keep a close eye on everything that has to do with vehicles. You could suffer some type of accident related to cars or motorcycles. Be careful.

According to the stars, today it would be nice if you take with you as a snack a handful of dried fruits and nuts: nuts, almonds, peanuts... But they should be toasted, not fried, huh?

This food has the necessary fat, helps with satiety, brings vitality and it is good for our memory. In addition, they have magnesium, which activates serotonin.