Cancer Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, April 16th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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This Sunday you decided to close a sentimental stage that you didn't like, to which you had to shelve, and you have succeeded. Well done, Cancer!

A beautiful new week is now in front of you, to remind you that you should look more for yourself, and pay attention to your heart, which is the core of the happiness of everyone's life.

We can't be happy without paying attention to our heart, our feelings and emotions, after all.

You know perfectly what you need right now, what steps you have to take. Gather the courage that you need, look for someone who gives you a push to achieve it, and don't be late because it's nonsense.

Look for that person, look at them straight in the eyes and tell them you love them. There's no more to it.

It would only be necessary that to carry it out it could be as simple as it seems from the outside, without being in your skin, right?


If you're a Cancer that works as a freelancer today you will have a lot of luck, according to the stars. A client is going to propose you a juicy job that you will notice in your wallet, leaving some interesting profits.

It will be a great effort, there's no doubt about it, but the person who hires you is very noble and won't ask for too much. Everything will happen in the best possible way.

Look carefully at the leisure plans you have planned for the next dates, because today you will have knowledge of a new show that will be very interesting. Also, if you hurry, you will see that you can go to see it for a reasonable price.


You're not in the weight you would like to be, but not only that: you're not in the one that you deserve, after spending some time taking care of yourself.

You are going to ask yourself what you have eaten, but the question that you have to make is not that one, but do you sleep well, Cancer?

An inadequate rest, a sleep deprivation, can cause the body to ingest a greater number of calories, and therefore, makes you fatter although you believe that you are doing things well.

So, get in bed soon tonight, okay?