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Beware of a person who has stomped into your life and can make your castle, which you think is made of concrete, collapse, as if it was really made of cards.

There's someone you met recently who's bringing joy into your life, isn't there, Cancer?

A man or woman you met through a professional contact and who is making your heart beat strong when your eyes cross in a casual way.

In the case that you are without a partner you have free access; you know perfectly to what extent you can fit, and if there is any kind of future or not.

However, if you are engaged, Cancer, you could do a lot of damage to your partner, and get to burn the fire or not between that new person and you.

You have to live in the moment, but without leaving corpses in your path. OK?


A monetary surprise in your closest circle is pointed due to a greater cause.

A disease of someone close to you forces you to keep some money that you may not have with you right now.

Fate invites you, what's more, it forces you to tighten your belt, and so what can you do about it, rather than assume the responsibility that is yours, right?

Don't worry, because there is no need, Cancer. Your sense of organization and clarity will help you manage your budget well and make the right decisions if you have to make any.

At the moment, leave the idea of making an important purchase parked, there will be more opportune times.


You will enjoy an excellent vitality thanks to the influence of the Sun in your sector of health; at least, all the good that your current circumstances allow you.

The king star, who ruled life in Ancient Egypt, will have a protective effect and prevent you from catching germs, bacteria and viruses.

As it's written, it will also protect you if you are on vacation abroad, avoiding gastric disorders often related to travel beyond your borders.