Cancer Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Saturday 21st April

Magic Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Do you see yourself with the level of beauty at its highest values, you do, don't you, Cancer?

Through social networks you are flirting with a person who is really interesting to you, and you have even given your phone number and sent some photos to them. 

Stop. The Moon, your ruling planet, protects you and helps you in everything related to feelings; it tells you to stop this story.

If you have a partner and you treat everything as a game you must put a stop to that story definitely, because that person who has just appeared in your life doesn't have good intentions.

They want to get something out of you, and they're doing this for convenience and they don't care about crushing your feelings if necessary. And you don't want to be broken on the inside later, when the whole story moves forward and gets you excited, don't you?


Anger and frustration will be present this Saturday, unfortunately for you, Cancer, in matters related to work.

You anticipated that a change was going to happen, that your life was going to be different today because your work life was going to improve.

And it turns out that everything remained in promises, nothing that your superiors promised has been materialized, or perhaps a contract that was signed and hasn't been put into practice.

You're already at the end of the week. Leave these issues aside and take them up again on Monday, and try to enjoy your weekend.


Don't be lazy, Cancer. Don't sit on the sofa waiting for things to be done on their own, because this doesn't happen.

You have a fairly long list of pending tasks, and you don't know where to start with them.

Get up and act, stop being tired of so much relationship. Start with some work that may not be a priority, such as ironing clothes.

Take the iron, the board and when you are ironing your second pair of trousers you will see that you are more concentrated, and that you can continue with any other task that you have to do.