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Cancer Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Sunday 1st April

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There are people who understand the institution of love as a company, in which you work by objectives and rise in the profession. This is a serious mistake, you know, Cancer?

You insist on being with a person just because you've decided to, and not because you feel that way in your heart.

You can even spend years and have new relationships that you regret for not being able to keep a history of the past that marked you so much.

You must understand at once that love must be felt and not directed like a convoy. That it's a trip in which you have to let yourself go and enjoy, and that you don't know what the destination is.

Take care of the old friends who were close to you during many difficult years of your life. For work and family circumstances there is distance between you and you must solve it so that there is no abyss between you.


When it comes to shopping, you boast about spending the minimum necessary, and sometimes it is actually like that.

On other occasions you get to be a bit ridiculous, Cancer, buying ridiculous amounts of some products.

If you buy in dribs and drabs, think that you will have to go to the supermarket more often, and that in the long run you will lose more time.

And you love to say that your time is valuable, that it costs money and that you don't give it away just because.

That same economic incongruence is in other aspects of your life. Be more honest with yourself.



Your health is at decent levels, but you are expected to get some small illness related to your job.

That especially can happen to those Cancer that are dedicated to the world of teaching, because they have high chances of getting a stomach virus.

Luckily, with a bit of a soft diet and enough hydration, you'll overcome it sooner rather than later.

If this happens, you should drink saline, in a mixture of water, lemon, bicarbonate and salt to recover the mineral salts that you can lose when you go to the toilet.

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