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Stop. React. Open your eyes wide and be honest. Why are you going to fall again today into the networks of an old love that brings you nothing?

At least, that's what you want to assure again and again to the people you care about, even if you never agree to tell them all the information.

There are conversations that you keep for your privacy, and that would profoundly alter the image that others have of you.

The sad thing is that you lie, you lie to them, and you don't do things well, to think more with the entrails than with the heart or the head.

And so, your mind and your soul will end up broken, and without anyone who wants to fix them.


Wanting to save money can give you more of a headache, especially if you save this by asking favors to others.

For example, travelling and staying at friends' house for more days than expected for you may be great, but for others it tends to become a nuisance that, due to your own selfishness, you can't see.

It's true that what doesn't bother you can bother others, and that's when your empathy should start working, Cancer.

Because based on saving more and more money in the bank, you can end up damaging solid friendship relations.


Cancers that suffer a chronic disease will notice an improvement today, especially as the day goes by.

Likewise, those people who don't have such a problem, who use this extra energy offered by the cosmos to take further the healthy lifestyle they so often propose.

You may feel boredom and to fight against it you have to get to work from the first second.

Look for new forms of entertainment, take old contacts, move, don't stay seated waiting for the heavens to open and show you the path you have to follow, because this won't happen.