Full Cancer Magic Horoscope Forecast for Thursday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 26th April
Cancer Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



You feel that your heart is dancing inside your chest, that it wants some action, it wants to beat stronger than ever.

There's a person you have a lot of interest in, but even if you let them know by signals, some more than obvious, they seem not to want to pay attention to them.

Today you must stomp your foot and turn the page; if that person doesn't want your love, you are worth a lot to insist so much, wasting time and lowering your dignity.

The stars of the Magic Horoscope point out that today you will find someone much more interesting and who will answer you as you deserve, giving you even more of everything you offer them.


Like almost everyone in the 21st century you have a great dependence on social networks and you tend to expose yourself in them with great joy, without thinking too much about what samples or what comments you put.

An untimely photo that you shared a few days ago will cause you a big problem this Thursday, because what you show doesn't correspond at all with what you had explained at work.

Your intention wasn't to lie, but it's easy to have someone who has understood the images that you have uploaded to your profiles as a lack of truth.

With this you will learn that in a digital society you have to walk slowly but surely, and you should not justify things that nobody has asked you, because then there are misunderstandings.


You have the hormone levels a bit high, more than what is usual in you, Cancer, so you should go to the doctor to do some analysis.

Above all, because there are certain hormones that make our defenses go down, and therefore we're more likely to get ill and even small infections in areas with mucous membranes, such as the mouth.

Control your appetite, because what you have is anxiety, and try to be careful with the stairs, because the stars suggest that today you could suffer a spectacular fall (and very painful too).