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Cancer Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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The stars put in front of you some interesting leisure plans that will allow you to meet people of all kinds.

There, you will meet interesting people, and one of them has many options to want to live inside your heart.

You already know and for sure that if you want to find love (or even change the one you have for a new one!) you have to go out into the street, that in the solitude of your home, Cupid can't reach you with his arrows, as much as he tries.

With your circle of friends, the Magic Horoscope points to a strange feeling; someone who will tell you something that has happened to them, and that will make you a little jealous, and even lead you to think that they aren't behaving well with you and that they are hiding certain information from you.

Keep calm, and before trying to unmask them, find out the truth, without letting yourself be carried away by the purest appearances.


A person who you lent certain valuable items some time ago -or even a certain amount of money- reappears today in your life, according to the stars.

It may be on the street, or even through social networks. The question is, did they settle their debt?

If not, don't hesitate in claiming what belongs to you, and keep your mouth shut if necessary, in case they start to ramble with the most varied excuses.

Don't hesitate in insisting, and even making public this indebtedness, to see if through the purest shame they fulfill their word.


Fatigue and sadness will be waiting for Cancer around the corner... So now that you know, try to be faster so you don't get stuck in a sad environment at this beginning of the week.

Your body is still resentful of the occasional excess of the weekend, and sleeping is still what will work best if you want to recover quickly.

Be careful with eating too much, take care of your stomach (and your diet) and be careful not to get too exposed to the sun.