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You know that around you there are people who are dedicated to judging who you love and in what way you do it, taking note of every gesture and every movement.

It could be said that it's the fruit of envy, that they want what is yours, but it isn't the case.

Actually, the fault lies in a series of traditional values rooted during decades, centuries, that makes every child worry more about controlling who the other person falls in love with and how they live their daily life than enjoying their own life.

It's up to you not to hide, to show everyone as you are, without masks, to become an example so that everyone lives as they want.

On the other hand, your relationships with the members of your household will develop without problems, although the Moon could cause a moment of incomprehension with someone from your political family.


Through meetings related to economic issues you will meet new people who will change many of your certainties and challenge some of your deepest convictions.

All this will cause you some discomfort, some anxiety, which you will probably try to hide by an apparent indifference and a certain impassivity.

Try not to be hostile, because these new contacts will be beneficial in a short time, especially if you know how to get the most out of it and how to communicate in a successful way with them.

With regard to expenses, don't try to force your will against the current; you could be dragged irremediably and with the most disastrous results.


You are more dynamic than ever, you need to move, you can't stand still in one place.

The prospect of enjoying the joys of inactivity won't excite you at all; sedentary lifestyle isn't your thing today.

So, the more activities you plan to carry out this Friday the happier you will be.

As the Sun and Mars will be in a position that doesn't favor those born under the sign of Cancer, be very careful if you practice a risky sport (especially martial arts) and don't try too hard.