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Cancer Magic Horoscope Prediction for July

Your Horoscope for July 2018
Magic Horoscope July | Redacció


Love: Agree to have second dates

You will miss a past time when you noticed that you were more affective and even creative in love and in your way of expressing it, and you must do something to change this attitude. It's not too late yet, Cancer, you can do it if you really mean it.

If you see that one day with your partner there are tensions and that the reconciliations and disputes follow one another in a loop, put the brakes on, breathe and analyze the situation, let's not obstruct everything else.

In the event that you are single, you will get to know people, but you will have a problem with yourself and your way of being stubborn, which will sometimes make you reject second dates that could go perfectly well.

In this period that is now presented, in addition, you will achieve an approach with your family, especially with the youngest of the house, who will give you considerable news. Be careful, there will also be problems of coexistence and in other matters, but it will be nothing without solution.

Money: Relegate your desire for prominence

You must assume your place when it comes to making money, within your company or with the way you make a living. A desire for prominence can be very harmful for you.

The ability to mimic you with your environment will be useful when dealing with certain monetary and labor issues, and you will know at what time you should act in this way, follow your intuition.

Compulsive spending is the only enemy that you must watch out for, Cancer, because for them you could destabilize your economy and wound it in a mortal way.

Don't trust the charlatans and smoke sellers who roam around you, because although they think they are informing you, they are doing just the opposite, offering you a distorted prism of reality; don't put your money in their hands.

Health: Flowers are joy

How about if you renew the energy of your home by buying good flowers and pots, that dress everything green and clean your aura?

Audacity and poise are essential for you in this month of July to control your mood, which is sometimes reflected in your body with various ailments, and which are just a way of making you see that something isn't right in your head.

Don't neglect your skin this July, hydrate it, watch out if spots appear, and take lecithin to help it to be in perfect shape.

The bites of animals can give you a scare, be careful, especially when swimming in the sea, there are a lot of jellyfish.