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Cancer Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 5th March

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
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Sometimes a relationship crisis can be fixed and even a very brief breakup.

At other times, putting a dot in the relationship leads you to getting upset because you don't know if that is a full stop, or if you could write more in your love book if you insist on correcting past chapters.

If you are in crisis with your partner, Cancer, try not to make the situation worse by adding anguish, lack of control and by wanting to have an answer too soon of what is going to happen to you two.

Keep in mind that the other person may only need a little time to breathe and rediscover themselves.

And if you put pressure to decide is when everything could suddenly end.


We're on the first week of March. What if we think about how our economy has been during these three first months of the year, and check if we're still on time to solve mistakes?

One of your main handicaps are the discretionary expenses, that is, those that aren't subject to a rule but to your power of decision.

If you spend on whims you won't only have a great sum at the end of the month, but this can also be a great percentage of your salary.

Seeing it as a percentage makes you put your hands on your head, to see where a 20% or a 30% of your salary goes.

Now, take your hands off your head and take out the notebook. It's time to tighten your belt.


Cancer, watch the health and hygiene of your ear, and if you use headphones remember not to exceed the volume recommended by the manufacturer.

Do you know that also, if you are a smoker, your ear can resent it? Tobacco causes plaques to form on the walls of blood vessels, and this in turn implies less risk.

For a while now, you have proposed to improve your health, and at the moment everything progresses properly. Be proud of what you're achieving, without forgetting that it is a long-distance race.

However, don't hesitate to enjoy your achievements, but keep an eye because you could suffer a certain feeling of emptiness or failure.