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Get away from that person who you are playing a very dangerous game with in which the tension can be cut with a knife, Cancer.

It's someone who doesn't benefit you, who has dark interests and that the most sensible thing you can do is getting them away from your life.

They're not interested in your heart, but in having fun and taking advantage of each one of the circumstances that you live together.

In particular, run away if it's an adventure that your partner doesn't know anything about, because they will end up knowing about that story.


There is an unexpected profit, or a payment that you had pending and that you didn't expect to receive at this time, which may lead you to wish to make a gift with which you have been dreaming for a while.

Thanks to your current global environment, fostered by the Magic Horoscope, you will be very motivated to succeed in your profession.

And this environment will inspire you at the same time not to seek only an ephemeral glory, but something that lasts more.

Thus, you will be encouraged with an exceptional power of work that will avoid the dispersion and the current risks.

Clearly, and thanks to the influence of Jupiter, you will be focused on your goals, very diligent, with a tenacious air.


Your nerves can cause your strength to weaken even if you try to control it, and some objects fall from your hands without being able to remedy it.

Therefore, pay special attention if you handle glass objects that can break, as well as those that have sharp or similar areas, since you are likely to cut or hurt yourself, although it isn't expected to be serious.

Your moral can be affected today, because you start to rethink some social conventions.

To combat negative ideas, which will arise according to the daily forecast of your horoscope, you can allow yourself some whim, like eating in that restaurant that you like so much.

On the other hand, pay attention to muscle accidents; don't force yourself if you play sports, especially if there is physical contact, such as wrestling, rugby or even football and basketball.