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Cancer Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Thursday 3rd May

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The human being tends to be wrong again and again, sometimes knowing that they're doing wrong, and sometimes by pure ignorance. And sometimes we don't even know our own feelings well, Cancer.

A person who needs help at many levels has appeared around you, someone very weak who you will try to lend a hand.

That fragility will awaken in you some emotions, some feelings, which you can easily confuse with love, even if it's not exactly this.

Try to keep your head cool, especially if you already have a partner, so you don't hurt them or hurt yourself.

And if you don't have anyone in your heart, analyze what exactly is the energy that runs through your body, because it may not be love.


We're in the middle of the week and at the beginning of the month. The moon is by your side, and as it's your regent planet it sends you a lot of strength, especially in the aspect of work.

How about asking for a salary increase, Cancer?

Negotiate with sense, without lying, and without attributing achievements that belong to other people; especially because everything that isn't true will come to light.

Do it in a determined way, without begging, without convincing whoever it is that you are worth more than what the payroll indicates, and even point out how much more you should earn.

Take advantage, above all, if you know someone is leaving the company, to say that now you will take the responsibilities that that person had.


Don't be overconfident because you think the weather is good, Cancer, because the sky is very deceitful and likes to catch us off guard.

The cosmos suggests that today you are going to be cold in the street, and there is a possibility that this leads to a cold.

You have already faced many colds throughout your life, and this will only be one more, without much concern.

Be careful with your family so you don't pass the disease on them, especially if there are elderly people or children around you. You already know: better safe than sorry.