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Cancer Magic Horoscope Prediction for This Coming Tuesday 12th June

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Tuesday will start more tempered than the day that ended, in which there were unpleasant moments and even loaded with tension.

In your strictest intimacy, you should analyze how is your way of loving, and if there is some way to cultivate it, to make it prosper so that it's stronger and more honest.

The wounds will heal on their own if you decide so, and your words will also become ointment for those darts that you shot earlier.

The astral energy wants to heal the scars that caused an inadequate way of understanding love, a feeling that each one interprets in a different way.

Take the opportunity to start conversations with family members who are a bit distanced, because it's a good day to approach positions and ways of seeing life.


Your money is yours, you earn it, and you decide what to use it on, there's no doubt about that.

However, the current position of the astral constellations glimpses some conflict around a common plan with friends or relatives in which the money has something to do: someone who doesn't decide to confirm their attendance to a trip, or who hasn't done their duties by buying their tickets for a plan that has already been reconciled.

If you are the one who hasn't done your homework, try not to complain or propose alternatives, since it isn't fair or ethical for a majority to be harmed by your lack of commitment.

And in case you're waiting for that answer, just stop worrying. Let each one take charge of their own, and if they protest, turn a deaf ear.


A proper rest not only allows you to be a more productive person in the day to day, but it's almost a life insurance.

A lack of rest, added to incorrect postures when sitting or walking, exaggerated efforts and others can cause you great fatigue that puts your health at risk.

Thus, try to avoid areas where falls and other accidents may occur, especially in the work environment, and even more if you work for many hours.

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