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It's often said that you have to kiss many toads until you find a prince, and you're running into more frogs than you would want in your search for love.

And it's not that you have a tremendous level of demand, you aren't expecting a prince on a white steed who will pick you up at the door of your house (or a princess in a golden suit who decides to invite you to the royal dance).

For this Wednesday you had a date with a person you've met through social networks, and you're thinking of canceling the plans because you're afraid that it will be a new batrachian.

Don't throw in the towel, Cancer, encourage yourself to enter the game and meet. You will have a very fun day, more than you would expect, and it doesn't even have to end in a kiss. And this might be a good sign for you to see each other again soon.


It's difficult to make money and to save it to give yourself a whim, and it's really easy to lose it, right? And not only that, you can also lose the purchases you make.

Today be very careful with your belongings, especially if you go shopping, it's possible that you leave a forgotten bag, possibly on public transport (bus, train, taxi...)

It wouldn't be the first time it happens to you, but it could, or rather, should be the last one. Let's see if you learn the lesson, and you focus a little, because you walk with your head in the clouds, without knowing what day you live in.

It's Wednesday already and you think you're still at the beginning of the week!


You are doing a little sport, which is very grateful for your health. Well done!

And for everything to be appropriate, remember to ask for advice from professionals, because you are focusing a lot on working on the same machines, and you need to vary to obtain good results.

You have to prevent the gym from becoming a heavy routine, something that ends up burning you. Look for new stimuli and continue forward.