Cancer Magic Horoscope for 7th April

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With your partner today, you will live something strange, Cancer. When you are with them you will notice a kind of physical change, a strange belly ache, something that is different in your psyche, and you don't know what to do.

Congratulations. The stars suggest that you are living a new crush, a renewal of vows. A pleasant sensation and madness that will flood your body.

Transmit this feeling, share it because it is beautiful, and your relationship will come out frankly reinforced. Besides, you might get a surprise that you don't expect, because you're also a very special being and they will want you not to forget.

Leave today the reason stored in the sock drawer, and let yourself be carried away by passion and boundless abandon. Enjoy your day.


The lines that separate time from your personal and leisure life from the exclusively working one are very diffuse.

You receive a multitude of messages and emails, and even calls, at times when you shouldn't. As if to work as much as your contract says, and some extra time (and for free, because they don't pay you for it) wasn't enough.

No one should decide for you if answering a call, even if it only takes a minute, it's a big or a small annoyance for you.

Learn to separate your personal time from the one dedicated to work. Because time is money too. And on top of that, there is no money that buys time.


It's a perfect day to overcome fears, according to the stars of the Magic Horoscope. Above all, the fear of verbalizing certain words and attitudes.

Have you overcome a cancer and prefer to say "that disease"? Don't you like to mention the word death? Or you don't want to tell your family something that has happened to you, because you're scared of being turned away?

Fear ends up provoking lies that hide it, and the lie only brings misfortune and blackness to our life. Call things be their name, be brave, because you will notice how you take a weight off your shoulders.