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Cancer Magic Horoscope for 17th May

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Love is going to knock on the door of someone who was part of your past, with whom you lived a story that never had a beginning or a clear end.

Although your first impulse will be to be happy for him or for her, as the day goes by you will think about what could have been and was not, and the good times you lived together.

And once you have recalled the past and you have recreated the beautiful in it, Cancer, put your feet back on Earth and remember that it's May 17, 2018, not those days of wine and roses.

Do you think that if you had stayed together you would be happier than you are now, whether you have a partner or not?

Absolutely not. But the brain has these things, which makes us think that any past time was better, when it wasn't that better.


You think that making investments is something that doesn't go with you, that those things can only interest Wall Street entrepreneurs, and you're wrong, Cancer.

If you get a proposal to invest in the stock market, analyze, of course, how much you can get from the investment, but the Magic Horoscope tells you that money today plays in your favor.

At work you won't have problems, a lot of calm and tranquility is expected, although that doen't mean that your attitude could be a little better.

Cancers who are unemployed will receive good and bad news about job applications. But the good will be very positive, and you will see how a door has begun to open in front of you.


You're on one of those days when you swear and perjure that you can't take time out to do a little physical exercise, and that you won't be able to go to the gym or anything like that.

What if you take the domestic chores, your obligations, as an exercise?

There are actions such as pruning the lawn that can be transformed into exercise if you develop your activity a little. Or moving furniture or so many other things.