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Cancer Magic Horoscope for 6th June

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Measure your words well, because any joke you make at the expense of the person you love can turn against you with very negative effects.

Your partner can take what you pronounce as an attack to their own dignity, even if you have done it without any bad intention.

In the event that this happens, don't hesitate in asking for forgiveness at that moment, and try to compensate your attitude for the rest of the day.

This way you will learn that each one marks their limits, and that these can't be transferred.

A person that you love (a relative, a friend) who is no longer among us, is going to send you a signal that only you will understand, and that will make you understand that from the afterlife they keep watching over you.


You've been listening to sustainable consumption for a long time, but it's something that doesn't seem to go with you.

Have you thought that if you start to consume otherwise you could notice it in your pocket, and it would also make the whole planet Earth improve?

You can start easily in your own house, for example, using reusable water bottles. If every day you take a bottle to the gym or work, why don't you use a metal flask that lasts decades and decades?

In addition, try to think several days a week to use the minimum the car or public transport and walk more. Your account won't go down and your heart, as a muscle, will thank you.


Because you are adding years, by the change of season and by many other factors (such as the way you feed yourself) you're having trouble falling asleep.

It's a normal thing, and not at all ages Morpheus visits you with the same intensity.

Don't fall into the consumption of sleeping pills, especially if the doctor hasn't prescribed them. Try to help with natural infusions such as lime blossom or valerian.

A good walk before going to bed will also help you to fall asleep between your sheets, and to be able to take a few hours of sleep all in one go.