Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CANCER |


Love: You will fix the disturbing situation

The Moon himself will help you sort out a situation that is disturbing you, sometimes even affecting your sleep pattern.

You should not cling to past situations; if you know that the ship has already sunk and there were no survivors. Remember that you have to move on and start over, my dear Cancer.

In a good way, the Moon is trying to help you be happy once again, even if this means stepping out of your comfort zone.

As a couple, you will be able to try out those old ideas that you had planned to do with your partner, and you will have some air to carry it out, but without going over; This includes fantasies and sexual fetishisms if there is something around your head with a spicy taste.

If you are looking for a love story with a mature person, you will still have to have a little patience.

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Money: Don't let people speak badly of your hard efforts

The first thing you have to know is that not only your contacts will open doors and provide benefits, as you can also ask for help from friends of friends. They are always there to give a helping hand.

You seem to have a bad habit when it comes to buying unnecessary things for your house such as decorations. You need to sort out finances first, before going on shopping sprees.

The agitation of the certain roles interrupts you and slows down your effectiveness, as you do not know if it will be your responsibility or someone else’s to sort out the economic decisions. Do a good audit of your accounts if you want to see more clearly in your business and do not get caught by the surprises of life.

If someone is against your ideas, claiming that they are not original, or that they are outdated, you could have courage: you will not allow anyone to speak ill of what you have worked hard for.

You will then debate between immediately offering the fruit of your recent investigations, or eliminating your detractors from your inner circle once and for all.

Health: It is time to overcome your fears!

You will want to leave the shell that protects you from reality and be a fierce Cancer. You want to face your fears, even if it takes baby steps at a time.

It will seem hard and some circumstances may make it harder for you to face these fears, but confessing them to others also helps your mental health.

Have a little more confidence in yourself and in others, it allows you to take big steps forward in health issues.

It will be a good time to undertake physical activities with your partner or with friends, such as joining the gym or hiking at weekends.