Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CANCER | Magic Horoscope



Love: Sentimental but organized

You seem to be an organized freak, and when it comes to your life, you want everything to be in place. This month isn't full of surprises, but also doesn't contain lots of good news. Search for stability and routines, so that you don't get too overwhelmed.

In relationships, you are risking being a bit overprotective when it comes to your partner. This may annoy them and push them away. Stop acting like their parent, and let them do as they please.

You will appreciate the little gestures your other half has towards you, but you will also get angry with the fact that love can be quite boring at times. Try to let things go, and don't jump at everything your partner doesn't do as you like.

Lift up that barrier you have in front of you, to protect yourself from others. You need to step out and see the world.

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Money: Now is the time to bring out your creative side

It is hard to shine all the time, so step out of the spotlight and let others be the protagonists every once in a while. It will help you stop being so hard on yourself and exigent.

Make sure you have a clear mind, as there are many ways to keep your mental state stable. Your eyesight is attractive, as you see things that others misguide. You give great advice, but remember to keep some ideas to yourself or others will benefit from them.

Your competitive side may curse you at times, as you tend to leave others behind. You need to be a team player rather than a lonely wolf. Don't give up, as you can accomplish whatever you want.

Health: Now is the time to give up coffee

The stars invite you to detox your mind and body, and in order to do so, you need to eliminate tea, coffee and other stimulating drinks, so that your body doesn't depend on them.

Your energy is high as August has come a long, so try to do sports to burn it off, or even go to the gym and go to those step classes you enjoy.

Keep your teeth clean, as some will have a bad smell coming from their mouth. Bleeding gums are a sign of infection, so don't hesitate to see a dentist.

Make sure you empower your spirit, as it seems to be kept away in a wardrobe lately. You will capture many positive vibes this way.