Cancer monthly horoscope for December 2019. | Magic Horoscope

Love: Away with the undesirables

Your heart is filled with hope as the last month of the year begins, when you assess all the projects you wanted to complete throughout 2019, from which you left some undone.

But now, in the next few weeks, you'll know how to take the best positive vibes from your loved ones, and you'll cheer yourself up. You might even manage to heal some wounds that you'd seen open up deep inside you.

You'll have a sixth sense to draw toxic individuals away from you. And if you were starting on a relationship with someone who isn't too good for you, you'll know how to end the romance before things go any further. You know when your heart skips its beats.

As far as family goes, connections will be great, but you'll inevitably miss those that aren't around any longer, Cancer, especially if they left you long ago.

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Money: A special gift for deals

You've got the same usual road before you, the one that sometimes looks rocky and filled with thorns. However, the stars will make you optimistic this December, and it looks like everything's slowly becoming simpler, that the uphill battle is finally ending, and you will be able to manage resources more efficiently.

Christmas is a time for consumerism and affluence, but you don't want your account to be frozen. That's why you'll start making budget cuts until everything's under the right amount of balance. Besides, you'll have a gift at hunting deals and making good gifts for little money.

The key is to set a closed budget to basic home needs, and whatever's left will be your guide on what to do, and where to spend it.

Health: Pay for your past mistakes

This month you'll see that health isn't a friend you can call occasionally, and when you come face to face with one another it looks like it was just yesterday.

In order to feel physically and mentally better you'll have to be more persistent and admit that past mistakes have a price, and that every choice can change the game.

Some of you will think about taking a trip to improve part of your wellness, or even get a retouch or two. As a final piece of advice, watch your throat, because it could become troublesome.