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Love: You'll perceive Valentine's effect

Thanks to the generous hand of Venus, the protective deity of love, you must live a satisfying marital relationship.

You will be able to combine tenderness with passion almost as you wish, always satisfying the desires of your other half, relying on their opinion first of all.

You may wonder whether or not you are entitled to such a period, full of sensuality, especially if you have experienced a somewhat icy romance in recent weeks, but the Magic Horoscope tells you that yes, it is time.

And is that the train of reconciliation will have to take it now or never, because soon it will leave and you will know if you want to stay on land.

Don't forget that on the 14th of this month it is Valentine's Day, the patron saint of love, and that must be noticed somehow, Cancer!

Singles will have a tendency many days to dispersion, but also to the explosive sensitivity that could be a consequence of love at first sight.


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Money: Check your investments

You may need to carefully review your financial investments and reorganize your budget. You'll become careless at times, and as it becomes customary, you won't escape a storm.

It is elementary that you reduce your expenses, even though there are good winds such as the collection of incentives. Also, do you remember when you set out on January 1 to be more scrupulous with the economy as a new year's resolution? What's left of it?

Excessive financial optimism can become a dangerous weapon, especially if you don't know how to handle it.

At work, avoid making important decisions, at least in the first two weeks of February, because you are subject to conflicting influences.

That way, you won't be able to make an objective judgment of what's best for you, and maybe when the month is about to expire you'll see things more clearly and realistically.

Health: Good news are expected

To improve your well-being, let others help you, even if you are not fooled: you know that there are some who will want a high payment for their service.

Your health will be stable, and you'll get good news if you're waiting for some kind of result. You'll get rid of weight when you see that you're better than you imagined!

Happiness, don't forget, is in the little joys of everyday life, but the damned stress of excessive hours of work can make you see what it is not.