Magic Horoscope monthly Cancer |


Love: You'll reconsider what happiness is

Can you define what happiness is, and what is the difference between happiness and joy? Certainly not, because you will find something lost in love.

You don't want to tell your partner, if you have one, that you don't know if you're making the decisions in your life, or if you let yourself be dragged along by events, without a voice or a vote.

That you do what is expected of you, as if it were an obligation, something to fulfill.

So, this hurricane of days can cause some stormy passage in the relationship for some people, Cancer.

Watch out, not everyone will have emotions like this, on the surface of skin, some will get their feelings in order, and even learn to enjoy more of others.

Cancer who are single should also think long before committing its heart, because haste will not be your friend, nor, as they say, a good counselor.


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Money: Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched

The Magic Horoscope said that haste is not a good ally in matters of love, and the same can be extended to your money.

In business, above all, wanting to count your chickens before they are hatched can lead to serious complications, let alone disappointments.

At times this March you will even notice economic stagnation; as if the water in which you were swimming had lost strength, which no longer carries you with it.

Regarding the way you spend money, you should consider the real pleasure you get from shopping.

Sometimes you think that going to shopping malls to burn your savings is a fun activity, like going to the theatre or a concert when it's not at all!

Health: Farewell, sugar

In this period in front of you, you will try to organize your life in the acquired bases, without sullying your health. You don't want to be your own enemy!

You will want to save your strength for fear of tiredness, and contrary to what you imagine, that attitude can reduce your physical or moral potential.

If you look at the composition of some processed foods you buy, you will see how almost everything goes.

Therefore, it would be wonderful if you start drinking coffee or tea with some other sweetener or better none!