Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CANCER | Magic Horoscope



Love:  Third parties will mingle with your relationship

The first thing you have to remember in this fifth month of the year is that each love story has two sides just like a coin, different points of view and perspectives according to the people that form part of it.

You must remember not to trust yourself with the absolute truth when you encounter problems linked probably with third parties that will intoxicate around you, throwing poison into the food of your love, because of the ancestral envy. The truth always finds a way out.

Is this something serious? Well, comfortable and cheerful will not work, but Mercury and Jupiter join forces to unmask traitors. So you can banish them from your life, and your partner's, forever.

For the unmarried Cancer the difficulty will come more from the bosom of the family and the friends, who will judge that you do with your life what the real wins, because it seems that they will want to cut your liberties. Send them to silence without your pulse trembling!

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Money: nothing shines brighter than the truth

The more power you have, the easier it will be for you to make mistakes when managing finances and family accounts. And it is that responsibility also implies risk, in which many expect you to solve while you feel you don’t have an answer to such problems.

What happens next? If you omit that misstep that you have stuck, and do not confess what your mistakes have been, you will enter into an uncomfortable spiral of lies. Nothing looks as good as the truth, as you well know!

To earn some additional money you would have to get rid of what you no longer use such as an old stereo. Clothes, books, movies, give it all, through second-hand sales or street markets! In addition, you will gain space and your house will seem bigger.

Health: You will get bored with your assigned roles

Who said that happiness cannot become a real stressful hell? This month you will perceive that many friends have labeled you as someone dynamic and cheerful, who can always be the clown so that others laugh. It’s hard to keep everyone else happy!

Who is concerned that you smile the day in which you feel downcast? This will generate a conflict that irritates you a couple of days even. But it will happen.

If you spend many hours sitting in front of the computer or a television screen, try to take more care of your sight. Remember that there is nothing like natural light to illuminate the rooms of your home or office.