Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CANCER
Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CANCER | Magic Horoscope


Love: Find new paths into happiness

You'll be especially cared for by the planets of Magic Horoscope because they'll protect you during your adaptation into new romantic realities.

You'll especially appreciate your own essence, you'll love yourself more and run away from toxic relationships. Breaking ties with the past, with everything from it that hurts, and opening up windows to hope and fantasy.

You're willing to fall in love again if you're single, you'll try to find new paths into happiness, and keep a very close eye on details, Cancer.

An important tip: learn to control timing well. You're putting too much attention to your professional life, and sometimes you forget to share brilliant occasions with your partner or kids. If you fall into the spiral of monotony you'll have to juggle around to find your way out.

Fortunately, you're not in a very feisty mood and you'll throw some water into the fire of arguments the minute they start sparking.

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Money: Impatience could be your doom

Impatience can be a real tough enemy, especially if you're about to sign down a relevant agreement for your future, like a permanent work contract, or the purchase or sale of estate. Good things come to those who wait.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, remember not to lose composure or manners. Diplomacy will be your escape route in more than one issue, as you'll see in the few upcoming weeks.

In any case, you're in luck, because the stars reveal plenty of energy in your finances, you'll know how to diversify your activities, and if you need some extra money it'll be okay, because it'll come through some other source.

At home, you'll have to teach your children or even your partner as well that money doesn't grow on trees, that earning it can be very hard, and that you should go together down a new path to manage your resources.

Health: A month filled with emotional intelligence

With all that the Magic Horoscope has revealed, it's obvious you're in for a rocky month, but you won't ever lose your emotional intelligence.

No matter how upside-down things get, you'll be the one to turn things back up to achieve the right perception.

You'll need to get really careful with your meals, especially so if your doctor has set restrictions for salt, fats or any other element.

You should be particularly careful with products that can alter your nerves, such as coffee.