Magic Horoscope monthly 2019 - CANCER | Magic Horoscope


Love: Renew your romantic commitments 

This month of September will contain many expectations concerning life. You will dream big, and it will be you who sees yourself as the winner and triumph. You have a perfect family, in which you know how to control when the situation seems to get out of hand.

Your sensitivity will get quite high. Feelings will curl up and stick to your chest, and tears of happiness may roll down your face at any moment, even those of sadness. You don't know what to expect!

You might start twisting issues to renew romantic commitments, and you will do whatever is in your power to make your heart sing once again.

As a single Cancer, you have learnt to be brave. Being shy isn't an option, as you need to step up and ask that person you like out on a date. Someone hurt you a lot in the past, but not it is time to fall in love again.

Money: It is hard for you to manage a professional life and family at once 

You are very generous, my dear Cancer. You try your best to make other people's life simpler and don't ever ask for anything in return. Therefore, nobody speaks badly about you.

However, you may need some more time to manage both your professional life and family. There will be days when you don't know where the hours have gone, as you need time for both.

It is important to respect any meeting you have with your lawyer or accountant, as there are issues that cannot be postponed any longer. Make sure you take control.

Finally, this month will shine on those whose business concerns disciplinary arts. You will be able to show your creations and even sell your proposals for a decent deal!

Health: Never overdo it with sport

All of us are slaves to our own image, and I mean everyone. You worry about your physique and aspect, just in case you aren't in perfect condition, and how you can improve it. This will lead you to go to the gym, working out for long hours until your body says enough.

Cancer, make sure you don't use up all of your energy because if you waste it all at the gym, you won't have any left to face your chores and obligations.

You should follow a healthy diet plan, as you know what to eat and what is good for you. You will even show others your diet plan, as they see your improvement.

One last piece of advice: do not overdo it at the weekend. Too much alcohol will give you a huge hangover the next morning.