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The Annual Horoscope for Cancer for 2018

The prediction for Cancer for 2018.
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People born under the sign of Cancer will start 2018 with a lot of energy and willing to do things. Those born between 22 June and 22 July are ruled by the Moon, and the conjunction of the Moon with the stars will determine the course of this new year that has just started and that will be marked by drastic changes that they will have to face with peace of mind if they don't want their health to get affected.


The Cancers that live with their partner will live a situation that will make them think about whether it's worth being with that person or not. Each of them will have to be carried along with what their heart says; it will be what makes them choose the right path whether they fight for their love or they decide to go their own way.

However, thanks to all these events, the Cancers will have the opportunity to test their consciousness and recognize their own mistakes, those that they weren't even aware of. They will begin a new stage where they'll understand love in a different way as they used to before. 

On their behalf, Cancers that are single will also have the chance to change all those things that didn't allow them to go for commitment. 

They will solve their problems of confidence and self-esteem and they will learn to love each other more and better, a very important ingredient that will make them more attractive to others. So, they will look for true love but from a more selective perspective. 


This won't be an especially favorable year to make the family grow due to the instability of the couple. On the other hand, they will have very favorable situations for reconciliation with a family member that will have a lot to contribute to their lives and who will help in making the most delicate decisions. You will find a new confidant whose support will be key in the most delicate moments.


Leaving things as they are will seem the best option for you to not alter the status of your bank account, which due to your work situation will be a bit delicate.

However, taking action on the matter will be mandatory at specific times and you may have to make decisions that you won't like at all. Contrary to what you think, you will realize that intervening and cutting down some expenses to optimize resources will be your lifeline.


Professional instability will also mark the course of the year. Changes in the workplace, as well as the position to be performed, will be a constant and will only find their place when they acquire the necessary independence.

The influence of Uranus may favor the development of the autonomous professions and many will be launched to undertake an independent project or business. Likewise, the Cancers who are studying won't do their best year and will have to work hard to achieve their goals.


The alignment of some planets with respect to the moon will be a bit unfavorable and will affect your energy and your spirits. This is why you may be more vulnerable than usual, but that will help you to know yourself better and you will end up learning to take care of yourself.

You should make an effort to control your nerves and keep worries away from your mind, practicing activities such as yoga or meditation will help you to keep them at bay. If you let yourself be dominated by it, you may suffer from anxiety and even heart problems.

Redefining yourself and the concept you have about yourself will be linked to those moments in which you acquire greater independence and identify all those defects of your character. Gaining security and self-confidence will lead you to want to change your image in a meaningful way. At last, you will feel that others can see you as you are.