Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 1 - 7 July

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Even though this passed weekend you have had some inevitable conflicts at home, this week will be full of peace from minute one.

You will focus on your friends and family, by commiting yourself to your obligations as others do the same for you. Lend a helping hand to others who need it the most.

As the days go by, your attitude will become more intense (not always in a good way) as you try to force others to do things, and you want to take control. This will spark up the fire that you tried to put out last weekend.

For those single, the stars tell you not to jump to conclusions as you seek love. Take it slowly as love doesn't happen overnight. You will find your other half when the moment is right, so take it step by step.

If a date doesn't end up as you expected, don't worry! You learn from these occacions and will grow into a better person, my dear Cancer!


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It is time to spread seeds for the future. Have you thought about investing your money lately? Maybe now is the time for you to look for a good investment, save up and do it!

Ambitiion may start certain conflicts, both ethically and morally about nature and other businesses, especially those that may include cutting down trees or forests. Think about your personal boundaries before investing.

Your patience is running low, especially when you are still waiting for those contracts and documents that should have been left on your desk by now. It is your responsability to tell others to do their job correctly, or you will end up being affected by their laziness.

Try and turn on your friend radar, to detect those friends who want to live off your benefits. At the end of this week you will notice a friend or two that only wants to be around you when your finances are doing good.



Everything will run smoothly is you put your mind to it. If your doctor has given you medication to take, make sure to take it right up to the end, depsite feeling better before you finish the treatment. If you stop beforehand this may push you back a step and feel bad again.

Try and make friends that enoy the same acitvities as you, so that you can run together or go to the gym with someone. It is always good for your state of mind when you converse with others. It distracts you from tiredness and keeps you going.

Do you suffer from neck or back pains? Make sure to not over do it and apply creams to aliviate the pain. Stress can also cause such injuries, so try and relax more.