These days your mood will be highly altered, Cancer; you'll experience instances of peace and bliss, and other times you'll feel deeply lost and aimless.

You won't have any other choice but to try to find your place in the world, doubling your efforts in the process. Don't let that defeating attitude (which will rise up halfway through the week) eat you alive.

Remember that next Friday is Valentine's Day, so you could give your partner a nice surprise if you've got one. Show your love through gestures and nice little details instead of expensive, luxurious presents; remember that love can't be bought or sold anywhere.

Around Valentine's, there could also be a sense of reconcilement (as impossible as it looks at first), and you could end up having dinner with the man or woman whom you used to love so dearly (and who left your heart broken and tired).

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You'll have to stay alert around your savings; there are many people out there with foul intentions who will want to take a piece home. Don't trust any business that seems to fall out of the law-abiding area, because you could be compromising more than you thought.

In the same way, avoid loaning your friends or family money, because all you'll do is buy an argument or the break-up of a long-time friendship.

You'll find yourself at a week with professional commitments that will arise little to no interest, and from which you won't be able to devise an escape route. If you fulfil all of them, you'll eventually see that your contact list has grown quite a lot.


Get your medical schedule up to date, because you could have to undergo a check-up these days. If you had to be called to get a doctor's appointment and there's been no news, make the call yourself and ask how things are going, because they might have mistakenly forgotten about you.

It'll be an extremely beneficial week for those of you who have to undergo any sort of surgery. Your skies will give you protection and blessings, at least for now. Recovery might be the part that gets trickier.

Set a simple goal to care for your teeth: turn away any excessively sour drink, because they mean bad business for your teeth's enamel.