Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 10 - 16 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Your relationship will seem quite intense this week but it will also bring harmony along the way. Be prepared for fights in which both of you end up hurt, as they will be inevitable.

For most Cancers, love rules all as Venus provides a healthy climate for you both to grow. Pay attention to those little details that make them smile, and spend time with family members who you love as they also seek affection from you.

Be aware of the negative energy that Mars is sending your way, as he is in charge of spicing up conflicts in relationships. So avoid fighting or confrontation for no reason!

If you desire a privileged love life, then make sure to avoid those daggers that someone is throwing your way.

By the way, if you do not believe in love at first sight, maybe you should look twice at that person to realize that they are the one.

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You assimilate your knowledge as a surprising event, especially because you constantly go to new courses and want to grow professionally. Keep on going on training courses as it helps you grow as a person too. You become wise.

Your intuition and your imagination will take you places never seen before. They will help you settle business contracts, so your fortune and wealth increase.

Journalists and writers will do some amazing work that will influence many others. Be proud of what you have achieved!

Your finances will not change drastically but do not contribute to it happening either. Soon you will see the light at the end of the tunnel and life will be much easier.


You shouldn’t have any health issues nor scares, but it is never late to have a check-up at your local doctors, just to be sure. Especially if you see a mole that has grown or a lump, you did not have before.

The stars are on your side, so that you enjoy doing sport, detoxifying your body and, above all, it will help you avoid stress or at least, decrease your stress level.

Your weak point is that you risk catching a cold, a sore throat or even vocal problems. Try to sleep a bit more, as it will help you rest your body.