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One thing is the impetus that your mind has, the desire you will put to life to be happy, and another the way in which your heart responds, as well as the soul of the person you love.

There will be days when you feel the heat of the sun intoxicating your universe, but later you will perceive some threats that will destabilize your inner world.

This, however, should not cut off your wings when it comes to being creative; there will be no limits to affection if you decide not to have them. Don't forget this.

Of course, you have to put twice as much effort as usual in the next few days to make your partner happy in love and be happy yourself, but you might consider this a challenge, don't you think?


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Will your accounts be less full or half empty? As the saying goes, it depends on the prism from which you want to see it.

In spite of everything, in general there will not be a bad tone, you will not have to borrow money to fill holes or any similar situation.

If you give in too much to the requests of your children and other loved ones, you will feel the knife over your yoke.

Another issue that will affect your money, or rather your work, is your particular sense of humor, and how you sometimes shake your hand and you take your arm in overconfidence.

In your workplace try to be meticulous and put the jokes aside, because there are people who will feel discomfort if you attack, even if it is through comedy, their political thoughts or their religious beliefs.


In order to control your nerves you have to lower the demands on yourself, because sometimes you try too hard to look like someone perfect.

And in this world everything has stains, there is no one or anything that is completely pristine.

You will have moments in which you seek solitude at a forced pace, but the Magic Horoscope recommends that you always be surrounded by people, for your mental well-being.

Are you thinking about doing sport in an exceptional way? Try practicing it in your own home, and a floor mat will be enough for you to start your purpose.

Let's do crunches and push-ups!