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A new week in which love will give you joy, and also some headache (but light, you will not need anesthesia). Especially because someone would want to break your love story, motivated by hidden business interests, or because they would want to benefit from your position... Or your body!

So quickly move away with your hand any signs of infidelity, affairs an, madness here and there.

For the native of the single crab, who loses the fear of the ghosts of the past coming back, those stories are closed! And not only that: an interesting new date could come into your life, under the appearance of a stable person, in whom you could trust blindly.

Their innovative ideas could inspire you a lot, you'll feel attracted, and if you decide to bet on the game of love, you could be rewarded with an important person in your story, your destiny.


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Art can give you many satisfactions in the field of money, especially if you have a special gift, both to create works and to convince the public to buy it and bet hard for you!

So, if that's your case, get to work and let the muses catch you working! You'll be looking forward to success, and if on other occasions you shrink and become small at the slightest sign of threats, this week won't be like that.

A real lion will come out of your chest, with a lot of strength, which will give a paw to anyone who dares to take you the opposite or to make you less.


Despite a very busy schedule (can't they invent days with more than 24 hours, really?) and a large number of your little worries of all kinds, you'll have an almost astounding tone.

The planets of the Magic Horoscope especially support your musculature, Cancer, and you will be able to develop activities with a facility that will surprise you. Yes, you will have to make an effort to control gluttony, the truth; and as advice not to be all day from the sofa to the fridge, invent activities that keep you away from home.

The more you entertain, the less you will remember your stomach, this is so! What will not do you any good is alcohol; your tolerance for it is not that of previous years, and perhaps a couple of glasses of wine will then give you a headache which once would not exist.