Cancer Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope


Cancer, you can't believe how fast 2019 is flying by; the end is just around the corner and you're starting to think back about your New Year's resolutions for love, which ones came true and which ones became a pending issue for 2020.

You can feel yourself free from prejudice, ready to live life on a bolder point of view. There's things you've never tried because you were too ashamed, and now you're ready to take a big bite of life and find out what temptation tastes like.

You'll be happy to see that your love and sex life are no longer taboo, and you'll set a resolution to be more open at discussions, even with the issues that you don't really like in your relationship. If you're single, get ready for plenty of socialising, partly because your entrepreneurial spirit encourages you to get out and have fun. If you haven't got a reason to do so, you'll find one soon.


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While expecting future inspections or quality assessment tests, try to set all your finances in order. Write down which bills have already been paid, which ones are still to come, and make a list with the people that owe you money. It's time to demand what you deserve (even some favours).

You'll be ready to live life with a new flair, and you'll think about how life would be with a different job, perhaps even in a different city. Some of you will want to move to a larger, more comfortable house. It's all a matter of getting down and doing some work.

When it comes to relationships at work, you'll spot behaviours that you don't like too much, or just don't understand at all. Don't hesitate to ask away and free your mind from doubt.


Your body encourages you to drink teas and eat foods that help you fight fluid retention. You'll feel lighter if you have a generous cup of red or horsetail tea.

The stars will also give you plenty of chances to move around, and you'll let go with peculiar activities, sometimes even risky or extreme. Learn to respect your body's limits to stop if needed at any given time. That way, you'll also escape injuries or issues of that sort.