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The natives of the crab will live certain ups and downs in terms of the heart; nevertheless, you will have to make an effort to break some affective blocks that have you imprisoned in your own past.

Do not suffer in advance, the Magic Horoscope points out that the path you have taken is the right one, and the steps are getting bigger; little by little you are releasing ballast.

And your partner will respond effectively to this inner work that you are doing, and that improves your good humor and allows you to be more open.

Are you single? We also have work ahead for you, and that is if you want Cupid to shoot arrows to your heart you will have to be a more social Cancer, that more comes out.

Because the angel of love will not enter through the window of your living room to look for you, in any case, he will meet you in the street.

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Take out a calculator because you should start this week with effective and real spending planning, with clear and concise objectives.

And you have had a certain lack of control while using the credit card, right? Also with electronic payment applications and transfers.

Oh, you have to change that feeling that your account does not go down when you pay with plastic money, if it's the same as cash. Life4 in the real world! The more you spend, the less money in your account.

Check your accounts anyway, so that you do not receive receipts that do not correspond to you, or that you have already canceled, such as certain insurance.

Natives of Cancer who are unemployed, who take advantage of the astral current to go to work counselors and know what are the points they must improve to find a job offer that fits the profile they have.


Look after for your extremities, especially your hands and feet, which may be somewhat dry. There is nothing better than a good moisturizer, which you can buy at any pharmacy or supermarket!

The dependency that you have on new technologies is quite high, so try to cut down on your usage.

Leave the device at home sometimes, do not look at your email or social networks all the time, it is that way you only win in stress!

And if you want to break tobacco addiction, this week you will have a special strength, you can do it!