Cancer Weekly Prediction for 14-20 January

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Even if you say loudly that you are not a selfish person you are lying; we are all selfish by nature, in some facet if not all.

So over the next few days you may expect your partner to indulge you in compliments, gestures and romantic details.

And you, meanwhile, will remain with a deity attitude, waiting for that worship and giving nothing in return.

That attitude, if prolonged in time, will be very harmful to your relationship, you must be clear about that from minute 1.

Also, it is expected that you will suffer mood swings, which will not always be well received, neither by your partner, nor by that person you are interested in right now in case you are single, Cäncer.

If you're in the mood for adventure, be clear that there are dangers if you jump into the void, even the fall is not cushioned as you thought.


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There are stories that can begin to be written at any time, and in your case, this week now before you, is ideal for taking out the pen and ink.

So, it's time to take the bull by the horns and put a name to what makes your economy is battered.

Learn from your personal history, from your past mistakes and try not to stumble a second time (or third, or fourth) with the same stone.

The stars will give you a hand to enlighten you and get you to a good port, although you will also have to do your part and a lot.

If you want to save, pay attention to your surroundings because there will be offers, discount coupons and other small aids that you could benefit from.


This week, sweets will be your downfall, more than usual, and you'll even feel desires for it although you usually say you prefer salty appetizers.

Not only will you have to have some control over your body and shape, Cancer, which is also important.

But the stars warn you to be careful with your oral hygiene, which is sullied by excessive sugars in sweets and cakes.

Even if you have serious health problems, don't put yourself in the hands of healers who won't do anything good for you beyond taking the money you sometimes don't even have.

And finally, remember that the sexual field is framed within health, not just love. And that you should do the same to improve your sexual well-being.

Leave the blush and shame aside, and face what affects the enjoyment of your own body.