Cancer Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The stars encourage you to bring out your most optimistic side almost at all times, no matter how hard or sticky the situation gets.

You run away from toxic relationships, and you certainly aren't going to keep past fires alight. There's nothing but the present for you, and you'd rather invest each day into taking care of your love story through thoughtful gifts, creativity and tenderness.

If you had any say about it, you would make this week a brand new honeymoon where there was an open bottle of sparkling wine upon nightfall every night. Lucky for you, your partner will get excited enough to let you take the reigns of the relationship, at least for the time being.

Don't fill your life up with professional and family events if you're single. To help Cupid flutter around you, you need some open spaces. You can't go from home to work back and forth, Cancer.


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You're active and dynamic, and that's why you'll diversify your professional activities to the max, so that money keeps flowing even if your original business falls. Despite it all, you'll have to wait it out a little to make your initiatives a true success.

There'll be simple days that crossover with harder ones, the kind of days where you'll leave the office last, ready to sink into bed until the Sun comes up.

With your money you need to be more observational, to really get to know how the gears of your family finances move around, because someone could be hiding information on different expenses.

Don't be embarrassed about asking around, and take a slight police detective role. When something smells fishy, ask for more information until you reach the one and only truth.


There's a calm week coming up as far as health is concerned; you'll be able to enjoy both an impeccable physical shape and a great desire to live, but you need to get a little more strict about your diet.

Not just by avoiding fatty, caloric foods (obviously), but also to avoid foods that your doctor's prohibited.

Control your salt and coffee intake if you've got blood pressure issues, and be an all-around good patient, the kind of patient that obeys every single medical instruction.