Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 15 - 21 April

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Magic Horoscope invites you to be more attentive to the wishes of your spouse or your partner, so that your other half will return to you the same joys and good times together.

It will be a good time to ask for forgiveness, or to pronounce those words in an honest manner and with all your heart. Maybe even learn to say “I love you” more may help.

Those single can sink his teeth into love, despite the fear he may have for some unfortunate experiences that in the past had to endure. Or even, maybe because of the marital problems that s/he has observed in couples of friends, and s/he does not want to make the same mistake. Do not be so pessimistic, or so cynical!

Family relationships will be a bit difficult in the coming days according to the stars because you will feel that they are not as interested in you as you would like. You feel a lack of attention coming your way.

This idea that will be difficult for you to get rid of and that sometimes will push you to lock yourself in your secret hiding place, although Mercury points out that it is a completely false idea.

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In terms of money, you will be led to excessive envy which will make you lose some ties and advances you once had, and that now that they are gone, you feel the loose and need of satisfaction they once brought.

Mercury will push you and the planet knows your limits and wants you to improve your professional situation. However, sometimes you will not know how as you will be a little lost and need a light to guide you towards the most correct options.

You will do everything possible to get a raise or a promotion, but remember that the forms must accompany.

Think about being more diplomatic and more skillful in your attempts, and do not give yourself more importance than you really have. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your achievements.

Beware of the receipts that have to come out of your bank account and make sure there is enough money to pay them.

That then surcharges, or phone calls from companies that will begin to include you among their delinquent customers, and there is no need for it.


Thanks to Jupiter, your health will be improving gradually and will not cause major problems on the days that you now begin with a smile.

A slight nervousness can cause temporary insomnia, which can be overcome easily by getting tired physically (doing a little sport, walking at sunset) and drinking a good cup of lime at night.

A great sense of responsibility will arise in you, not to sully your well-being, although the results are very satisfactory due to greater discipline, in which you can always do a little more to improve and beat your past records.