Cancer Weekly Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Your emotions will make you joke a lot as if you take your relationship as a game. You try to protect yourself by keeping a distance, showing an empty heart that is unbreakable. We all cry, so there is no need to be ashamed, my dear Cancer.

With this attitude, Magic Horoscope predicts someone from your inner circle will be close to you, as they enjoy your bittersweet comments.

Among couples, there will be some conflicts that will lead to war. There will be others trying to interfere, so make sure you always communicate and tell each other everything.

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Your expectations are too high, my dear Aries, as you won't settle for just any job. It needs to be something that suits your professional interests and that also offers you the possibility to go up the social ladder.

Keep an eye on your impulses if you want to leave your job, don't think another one will be waiting for you around the corner. Keep calm and think wisely. Make sure you are certain you want to leave, or even go to interviews and make sure there will be another job waiting before you leave, just in case.

You cannot risk putting an end to everything, as there are too many bills to pay; and others may depend on your income.


Your health isn't bad at all, as there will be days that you reach the top as you wake up shining (especially if you wake up feeling that you have had a decent night's sleep).

However, the position of the planets this week may make you feel weak, as you might have the flu or some illness that is pulling you down.

Avoid playing with fire, and look after yourself seriously. Always ask for help when necessary.