Cancer Weekly Horoscope for 17 - 23 June

Magic Horoscope’s most important predictions for this week
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Your love life seems to be spinning faster than a tornado, my dear Cancer. Magic Horoscope predicts that you will feel quite nervous as life is challenging you or even daring you. Try your best and don't give up on yourself.

If may be painful, depending on the case, but you may not moan in front of others as you don't want them to see your pain and fears.

If you feel lonely and are single, Pluto may be playing tricks on your day-to-day life. Those unpredicted aspects of life are those that will keep you on your toes.

If you get a date right at the last minute, it is these things that excite us the most, as they haven't been planned. We are too busy to plan life! Make the most of the moment! Accept the date and have fun! If not you will regret it.

By the way, avoid mixing money with love. Mercury advises not to lend money to people in your inner circle or it will make them feel uncomfortable around you, weakening your relationship.

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At the beginning of this week, you may find some troubles and difficulties in terms of finances, which may trouble you as it seems that finding a solution is impossible due to a lack of communication between colleagues. When you ring them, they won't pick up so it is up to you to fix the problems.

As the days go by, you seem to be patching up the holes. However, avoid new projects for the time being, and focus on those you already have. Make sure they are all working smoothly. Make sure to read in between the lines and that nobody can interfere.

You may even rethink about your lifestyle, as your natural rhythm is too fast and maybe you need to slow down and take a step back, maybe even a vacation.


You don't just have to look after your body and what people see from the outside, but also focus on your inside, such as cleansing your organs with a healthy detox throughout this week. 

In the past, you may have had some unhealthy habits, but now you no longer miss them. Feel proud of yourself for giving them up!

Make sure to pay attention. If you feel pains or even shooting pains, don't try and fight them on your own. Consult it with a professional or it might even get worse.